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Sample usage of tags in markdown files

She had been told time and time again that the most important steps were the first and the last. It was something that she carried within her in everything she did, but then he showed up and disrupted everything. He told her that she had it wrong. The first step wasn’t the most important. The last step wasn’t the most important. It was the next step that was the most important.

“Are you getting my texts???” she texted to him. He glanced at it and chuckled under his breath. Of course he was getting them, but if he wasn’t getting them, how would he ever be able to answer? He put the phone down and continued on his project. He was ignoring her texts and he planned to continue to do so.

Inline HTML elements

HTML defines a long list of available inline tags, a complete list of which can be found on the Mozilla Developer Network.

Most of these elements are styled by browsers with few modifications on our part.

Heading 1

Heading 2

Heading 3

Heading 4

Was it enough? That was the question he kept asking himself. Was being satisfied enough? He looked around him at everyone yearning to just be satisfied in their daily life and he had reached that goal. He knew that he was satisfied and he also knew it wasn’t going to be enough.


code code element

// Example can be run directly in your JavaScript console

// Create a function that takes two arguments and returns the sum of those arguments
var adder = new Function("a", "b", "return a + b");

// Call the function
adder(2, 6);
// > 8

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lists here

  1. list element 1.
  2. list element 2


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