Harsh Singvhi's Photograph


I am a dedicated and diligent individual, amplified with curiosity and discipline when it comes to the wonderful world of Computers. I have a self-driven attitude to embrace new skills and competencies. I have learnt C/C ++ from Aptech. I have gained competence in Object-oriented programming. I have used this self-learning rigor to gain a good grip on the Python programming language and Linux; apart from various cloud and cyber security areas. I have also been adding knowledge in IoT and networking domains (basic concepts like SSH, routes, etc.). I feel proud to have gone a step ahead while learning these technology skills. I have applied them and learnt from both successes and failures here. I have made projects in IoT home automation, social media phishing (for awareness in people) and social-media hacking-awareness school-campaigns. I have also put in time and efforts in deepening my familiarity with virtualisation and deployment tools like virtual box, VMWare workstation docker. I am getting adequately conversant with development communities like Xda developers, Quora, Stack Exchange as well as cloud platforms like GCP , AWS (I have tried many projects on GCP along with development tools like Visual Studio).